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BWaB The Bachelorette Week 9 - The Finale + Other Bachelor News

LOTS to unpack from this finale! If you are looking for the quick hitters to share with coworkers at the water cooler today:

- Dotun and Charity get engaged

- Joey becomes the next Bachelor

- Barb, Pilot Pete's mom was in the audience?!

- Charity is doing Dancing with the Stars

- Dotun and Charity are going to Greece

- The Golden Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise will be on Thursdays starting in September

- Some people we saw on the beach from the trailer: former Bachelorette Rachel, Blake Moynes, Tyler from Rachel's season, a lot of Charity's men, a lot of Zach's women, some girl who unfortunately needs to go to the hospital to take a shit.

Like I said a lot happened on this season's finale! Overall it wasn't the most dramatic episode to watch but it kept us entertained. Here are some recaps from the night.

The Final Two

I'll save you the 15 minutes of Aaron B's stint on the show. She brought him back for a quick minute just to send him home at the rose ceremony. Then we talked to him for two seconds to hear he is going to be on paradise.

To the main event of the night. Both Dotun and Joey got to meet Charity's family. Charity had Joey meet her family first. This was probably one of the best meet the parents that we have seen on this show. They loved Joey and think he brought out the best in her. It could've been a thing with how they cut it, but it did seem like it was a really good meet.

Dotun on the other hand not so much. Charity's mom was not willing on sharing which of the two she liked better. She told Charity that this is her journey and she didn't want to influence it in anyway. Charity did not like that answer because her sister shared she liked Joey more, so she was looking for some confirmation if it was the whole family feeling that way.

Joey and Dotun both got another date with her. No notes from those dates, so going into the proposal it is still a little unsure who is going to get the rose and who is getting sent home.

The Break Up

Some seasons the lead likes to break it off with the contestant before the proposal scene. Others let them come to the very end before they break it off. This time, Charity let Joey almost get to his knee before she broke it off. With that being said, Joey seem to be okay with the break up as now he is going to be the next Bachelor.

The Proposal

To give a little suspense, the producers really tried to make us think that Dotun was going to get sent home. But since the very beginning it was very obvious their connection. They seem like a genuine match and if they are able to make it through all of the craziness after the show, I think they are going to make it.

One new wrinkle to their relationship is Dancing with the Stars. This show has put a lot of pressure on other couples in the past, since now they need to be in LA training for the show. If their life isn't there it makes it a lot harder for them to be together. So time will tell if something happens there, but from everything we saw they seem to be for the long haul.

Bachelor in Paradise Trailer

Only a month without Bachelor content until we are back into not one but two new Bachelor seasons. Here is the trailer they dropped during the show.

Like I said above, a lot of Zach and Charity's men and women are who I caught in the trailer. They do show 4 Bachelorette's coming to the beach but I think Rachel is the only one actually staying on the beach.

Bachelor in Paradise is normally my favorite show out of the three. There are more relationships to watch at once, and they have a much higher success of people getting engaged and staying together compared to the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. Just a couple weeks ago Abigail and Noah got engaged. Looking forward to this on Thursdays!

My Thoughts on the Season

Quickly sharing my thoughts on the season. I felt like overall I barely got to know the men except for a small few. And the small few were the ones who actually made it towards the end, which I believe made it better. Like in week 3 and 4 we knew that Dotun and Joey were going to make it super far. But at the same time we learned nothing about Sean, Tanner, and Xavier who all made it to the final 6. Final 6 people in previous seasons we have a good idea who they are.

I think that there wasn't much drama in this season, but it led to Charity hopefully finding a forever person with. I think if she picked either of them she would have been happy. But since she didn't pick Joey, I am happy he is getting his shot to the Bachelor. If the tables were turned I don't think Dotun would have been a good Bachelor.

It will be interesting to see which of Charity's men shine on Paradise. Since we didn't really know them it will be interesting to get to learn a little more of them on the beach.

Overall I would say it was a good season, but don't know how memorable this season will be. I put it similar to a Becca's season, where there were a few good men at the end and there was a happy ending.


Thanks for reading.

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