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BWaB The Bachelorettes Week 1 - 2 for the Price of 1!

We are back! After a few months off, we got a first episode of the new season. I am not going to lie, it was a little weird not having a consistent thing to watch on a Monday night. For the past few months, didn't know what to do! But now we are back with a new season, and I no longer have to wonder.

This season we are blessed with not 1, but 2 deserving Bachelorettes. If you remember from Clayton's season, he begged Gabby and Rachel to stay on the journey just so he could group breakup them the next day. The timeline is a little messy.

Gabby the ICU nurse and Rachel the Pilot will be this season's co leads. Through their experience on Clayton's season, they became best friends, and from what I can tell, they both seem excited to be doing the season together. But what exactly does that mean, no one really seems to know! From what it sounds like, there are going to be some new rules throughout the season. But before we get into that, let's meet the men!

There were a record breaking 32 men who came out of the limos night 1. They had to go up to both Rachel and Gabby at the same time, which I feel like for all parties was a little awkward. But the guys made the most of it. Here were my initial reactions after seeing their 15 second limo entrances:

Zach - nervous

Jason - in love with three women

Aven - close to family. Says something about their family

Jordan H. - gave headphones so they couldn’t hear each other

Michael - no impression

Chris - holding both of their hands at the same time

Mario - danced in

Ethan - Juggled in

Kirk - pep talk

Logan - brought chicks

Quincey - Goes by Prince. Hasn’t had sex in a year and a half

Hayden - not going to think with his dick like Clayton

Ryan - dressed up as a clown.

Johnny - made a rap about Clayton

Alec - brought a kids choir about how Clayton sucks

James - brought a massive meatball sub. Like 6 feet long

Justin B. - didn’t wear his shoes

Brandan - came in a blue suit

Roby - did a magic trick

John - messed up their names

Tino- you two look forking gorgeous. Came in on a fork lift

Jacob - Fabio looking ass. Came in on a horse and shirtless

Tyler - no impression

Colin - husband matter on his sleeve

Joey & Justin - twins

Termayne - mic drop

Spencer - bright chairs so they could sit

Matt - says two is better than one

Nate - brought a pillow with their faces on it

Jordan V. - a race car driver

Erich - how to tie a tie

The names I think you should keep on your radar: Tino, Erich, Logan and Mario. They all had pretty good entrances and they all had their respective time with the ladies on night one. And from a teaser trailer, they were shown a good bit, meaning they probably are going to be on the season for a good bit.

What was nice after the limo entrances is the girls got to have their own time with the men. Here were the men that stood out for each lady night one:



Mario first kiss. Gets the first impression

Erich kiss




Jordan V

Tino first kiss. Gets the first impression

As you can see, there was theme with the people who got the first kiss. If you get the first kiss, you get the first impression rose. The first impression rose almost felt not as important this season, because instead of giving roses out at the end, they decided to keep all of the contestants except for the magician and the twins.

So going into the first week we are going to have 29 men! But again, how is it going to work? Below are my predictions for the new rules without reading any spoilers!


What are the rules?

My guess is there are going to just make it up as it goes. For example, instead of cutting 29 roses, they decided to save their fingers and the roses and just have everyone move on. I think for each week, both Gabby and Rachel will have the ability to save men, meaning there could be up to 6 roses handed up before the rose ceremony. Also, at some point I think they are going to have a decision day. Decision Day is probably going to be the most dramatic part of this journey, as the men are going to have to pick a lane and choose which lead they want to pursue.

They will also be on a cruise. Not a rule, but I caught that in the teaser. It looks like instead of trying to fly everyone to these destinations that they are going to use a cruise ship to get around. I am all for the idea, I just feel like it is going to look weird on the show.


All and all I am feeling pretty good about the season. I feel like we have two good leads that aren't going to make bone headed decisions like the last lead. That being said, the drama is going to be on choosing who you want to pursue, which I feel like is a little unfair to the ladies as this is suppose to be their journey, they should have all of the power. Anyways, if you are interested to see what this season has in store, check out this teaser trailer!


Thanks for reading.


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