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BWaB The Bachelorettes Week 4 - We are going on a cruise!

Later mansion! The group is flying to France where they are going to embark on the International portion of their Journey. Before they leave, Jesse comes with the news that two of the men get to leave "earlier" (they all flew together let's be real) and meet up with the girls in Paris! Gabby chooses shy guy Jason and Rachel chooses favorite Tino to join them in the city of love.

While the dates are going on in Paris, Jesse meets up with the men at a port in France. Jesse lets them know that they are going to be traveling Europe on a cruise. Rachel's group gets one side of the ship while Gabby's side is on the other. From the feels of it, Gabby's group seems to be more into her and more interested in something serious. The stuff we see of Rachel's group, they seem more focused on the bromances and not Rachel. Could be just how the producers are cutting it to make us feel.

Back in the city, both dates seem to be going super well. At the end of the day portion of the date, the couples meet up to talk about their dates. They both seem to have amazing times, but both of some reservations that they want to figure out during the dinner. Gabby is worried that they haven't shared much and have been mostly surface level with each other. Rachel is worried that Tino won't accept her career choices and life goals, as she needs someone that will.

From the split second of reading those words to these words, if you were worried one went home, don't be. They both had great dinner dates and got the answers they were hoping to hear. Tino is going to make it very far and it is hard to say how far Jason will go. The quiet guys stay around but tend to get overshadowed in the crunch time, which will lead to him heading home.

At the end of the night they cut back to the cruise where Logan is talking to Jesse. He lets Jesse know that he still has some feelings for Gabby that he wants to pursue.

It seems like the next episode is going to be around Logan and if he ever talks to Gabby. For this week he didn't have the chance, even though they cut to him a bunch saying that he wanted to chat to her. Something to look forward to for next week in Belgium.

This week both Gabby and Rachel get their own group date. Gabby does French boxing with her men. The boxing dates are always interesting as someone is going to get hurt. But this boxing date was different because it was more focused on Rachel not getting any attention from her men and less on the men actually fighting. Rachel was at the boxing date and she brought her men to watch. She was hopeful that they would try to have a moment with her, but from what we say no one made any effort with her. That had Rachel go into spiral, so much that we are getting clips of her crying while Gabby is on her winner's date kissing Spencer. Spencer I believe got the group date rose, but it was hard to tell because Rachel went to her men to tell them off.

But we digress as now it is Rachel's group date. They get to go to a French romance class. It seem like an awkward date for all parties, but they made the most of it. Rachel chose Tyler to join her for dinner as he put in a lot of effort during the date. She seems to like him and she gave him the group date rose.

At the cocktail party it is the Hayden show. We get some callbacks to the mansion where Hayden said some more choice words about both Gabby and Rachel. If you remember from last week, Hayden was the one who said Gabby was rough around the edges. He is also the dollar tree version of Grocery Store Joe. He felt like he had a good conversation with Rachel at the cocktail party, but then felt like it was rude how it was cut shortly. So he said some more words, and that was enough for Meatball. Meatball decided to let Rachel know about what Hayden had been saying. She sent Hayden home and the cocktail party was cut short.

Here are the roses from the rose ceremony:













Two men from both groups went home. They didn't show them enough so I missed who went home. Both groups have 7 men! Normally there is 7 men that is the last week before hometowns. But with there being 14 total people, I could us going an extra week before we go to hometowns.


After Episode Thoughts

Something I caught this episode more than the other episodes is how the producers are cutting back and forth between the girls. A good example is what I mentioned before. We were on Gabby's group date and Rachel was in her room complaining about her men. While she is complaining about her men, we kept cutting back into Gabby's date with Spencer, them making out, a lot of things looking positive while Rachel is crying. As a viewer, I find it very entertaining how they were cutting back and forth. It keeps you more engaged in the story and watching that scene. Sometimes the conversations on those dates can be mid, so how they cut it allowed for that conversation to be on the show but we didn't have to hear it.

I am also a fan of them being on a cruise. While they were filming this, COVID was still pretty dominate, so this probably allow them to travel safely to other countries. It is also a gorgeous cruise ship so how could you not like it. I am curious if there are other people on the ship, because that seems like a waste of money by the cruise line to only have the Bachelor filming on your ship, and no other patrons. From some of the camera work it seem like there were people on the ship.


Thanks for reading.


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