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BWaB The Golden Paradise Week 3 - Things are getting catty

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Quick recap this week! For whatever reason the producers used a lot of footage from previous episodes to help fill this week's 3 hour slate. Let's get into it!

The Golden Bachelor

So much for our wholesome, warm hearted show. The women are starting to show a little jealously. A few people shared that they felt like they were learning a little too much about their dates from the others. In particular they followed Theresa who was sharing a lot and Kathy hearing too much. But we will get into that in a bit.

The women participate in a talent show! All of the women got to participate in this group date. All of them seem to give it their all, which was a lot of fun to see. One who took more of a heartwarming approach was Joan. She wrote him a poem and that led to her getting a private dinner with Gerry. They had a lovely time but unfortunately life was going on back home and she needed to be with her family.

The one-on-one went to Ellen. She got the let me get fancy clothes, dresses, and shoes date.

Then they went on a hot air balloon. Ellen got the rose.

Like I mentioned earlier, Kathy and Theresa were having a little bit of drama. Kathy ended up bringing up the drama to Gerry at the cocktail party. Because Gerry is Gerry, he gave Kathy a rose on the spot to show her he is interested in him.









Edith and Christina go home

My prediction is that they are not leaving the mansion. Just based off how they are promoting the show, it all seems to be in California.

Bachelor in Paradise

What is interesting about Paradise is they shared pretty much all of the plot points for this episode in the trailers. We knew Tanner and Tyler Norris are coming to the beach, and we know about the poo baby. That was pretty much the episode. But here is more of what happened.

Tanner is the first to the beach. Jess shared that Tanner was on the top of her list but her best friend Kat ended up going on the date. Brayden was sulking in his scarf all episode. Tanner and Kat went on a horse backing ride and they seem to have a great time. They are probably going to stay together.

Tyler Norris came back to the beach. He reconnected with Rachel but ended up taking Mercedes on the date. Tyler mentioned a big reason for why he decided to come back to the beach was to meet Mercedes. They are also probably going to stay together.

I don't really get the meme but this photo of Cameron Tucker gets me every time! They played up that there was a clock for Sam to go to the bathroom. If she doesn't she has to go to the hospital to have it surgically removed. So did she go to the bathroom?! We don't know as that was the cliffhanger of the episode.

Like I said, quick week this week. Let me know what you thought in the comments below!


Thanks for reading.


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