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BWaB The Golden Paradise Week 5 - Once Again, How Are We Already at Hometowns?!

The Golden Bachelor is moving real quick! This week Gerry eliminated 3 ladies to get to the group he is going to meet for Hometowns.

It makes sense though. The ladies have just been at the mansion for this season. They have families and people that depend on them. And let's be honest, they are older. So it makes sense that they are narrowing the process faster than a normal season of the Bachelor.

As for Bachelor in Paradise, we had a rose ceremony! So got new stories and new people to watch, which is always interesting. But idk, something about it starting at 9 PM and it being right after this wholesome show, this season is just not as entertaining as previous seasons. For example, I loved how Joe was a mayor of the beach. This year it feels like we get a lot of talking heads from Olivia, from Sean, and from Brayden, and they just aren't doing the same as Joe. But let's get into the recaps.

The Golden Paradise

Like I said at the top, we are going from 6 to 3 this week. Not sure why Gerry cut it to 3 instead of the normal 4, but probably makes it easier emotionally for him. The final six are Sandra, Susan, Ellen, Theresa, Leslie, and Faith. For the last one-on-one before hometowns, Gerry takes Faith on a magical date! They do the classic helicopter to a yacht date.

Faith was the one who got the first impression rose, but since then we haven't seen too much about their relationship. It seems like this date helped bring them closer and Gerry really seems into her. Faith gets the first Hometown rose.

For the group date Gerry brings the ladies to the Santa Monica pier. They have a fun night playing carnival games and enjoying the amusement rides. During the group date we hear our first falling in loves! Theresa, Leslie and Ellen all share with Gerry that they are falling in love. Gerry is about to find himself in a pickle because he only has 2 roses left and 3 ladies who are falling in love with him.

If you were to guess Sandra and Susan get sent home. But the third to get sent home is Ellen. So going to Hometowns are Faith, Leslie and Theresa.

I am going to miss Susan. They looked so good together!

Bachelor in Paradise

The rose ceremony night starts with a small twist, a new Sam joins the beach. In a Bachelor in Paradise first, from what I can remember, a girl from Bachelor in Paradise Canada joins the beach. I believe Kevin from like season 2 of BIP was also from Canada but he also did the Bachelor Winter Games.


Kylee gives her rose to Aven

Rachel gives her rose to Brayden

Eliza gives her rose to Aaron B

Kat gives her rose to Tanner

Jess gives her rose to Blake

Olivia gives her rose to John Henry

Mercedes gives her rose to Tyler

Sam gives her rose to Peter

John B, Sean, Will and Aaron S get sent home. I am little surprised that Sam went with Peter. Just seeing how it played out it seemed like she was a producer rose and would have thought Sean or John B would get the lifeline over Peter. But love is love, I hope they work on.

Starting on the new week Rachel gets a date card. She takes Brayden and in a surprising turn of events they are having a great time together!

I mean Brayden is brining out a fun side out of Rachel. It is just interesting that she has Aven and Tyler also on the beach, both who made it super far on her season, but I guess she is enjoying her time with him. I wish them the best of luck, be interesting to see if their heads turn when a new person comes to the beach.

Back at the beach, new girl Davia comes to the beach. She ends up taking Tanner on the date and Kat was super unhappy. I think Kat was always going to be unhappy, but this happened on her birthday! And Tanner didn't even talk to her about it... He got it good when they ended up talking after the date. Prediction: Davia and Tanner stay as a couple.

The bigger shock of the night was between Blake and Jess. We haven't see much of their relationship so far this season even though they have seem like a super strong couple. Maybe because they have seen so strong that is why we haven't seen much. But Jess tells Blake that she wants to explore other relationships! From the teaser next week it looks like she might, so curious to see the fallout we have there.

That is pretty much how the episode ends. From the teaser we get next week it seems like a few couples might get rattled so might have more of a web to talk about. As for now here is how things stand:


Thanks for reading.

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