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Bye JBJ - Jackie Bradley Signs With The Brewers

Title Photo: Jim Rogas

JBJ's Red Sox tenure has come to an end. 2 days ago he signed a 2-year, 24 million dollar deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. He provided so many memorable moments, from game-saving plays out in center, to gunning down baserunners at home, and the occasional RBI double. He helped Boston win the 2018 World Series, and had many clutch moments across that postseason. Also, he was an All-Star in 2016.

Photo: Boston Herald

He did reject the qualifying offer that the Red Sox gave him, which was worth 1-year, $18 million. It seems that he wanted 4-5 years, for $20 million a year. But no team thought that $20 million a year was what Bradley is worth. I believe that he is worth around $10-12 million a year, which is what the Brewers are paying for him. The Brewers do have to know, that with all of the plate struggles, JBJ will have his hot streak from late-June to mid-September. They will have to be smart and let him play every day.

Photo: NBC Sports

I will root Bradley and the Brewers throughout the season, and I hope that they are the team to win the N.L. Central. Bradley will be reunited with former Sox teammate Travis Shaw. Good luck Jackie!

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