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Coachella 2023 lineup is here and it's garbage

On Tuesday afternoon, the Coachella 2023 lineup was announced. Big yikes to anyone who approved this trash lineup. I wanna preference and say that my preferred music taste is rap and hip-hop. As a rap fan, this lineup stinks. The biggest hip hop name on this line-up is Metro Boomin who is great and dropped an amazing album in 2022, but definitely not worth the $500 GA ticket.

I've been to Coachella 3 times and when I went I felt like there was a lot more hip hop artists. I've seen Drake, Kanye, Future, A$AP Rocky, and YG at Coachella and this line-up has maybe 2 hip hop artists that I would see.

A GA ticket is now upwards of $500 dollars which is insane and definitely not worth it with this garbage lineup. As someone who has been in GA three times, the crowds are insane and it's pretty rare that you will actually have a good view of the artist. GA is not really an enjoyable experience. You are so cramped in those crowds and are very cThey have definitely upped the price of the GA tickets because they lost so much money not doing the festival in 2020 and 2021.

I was really hoping to see Drake or 21 Savage as one of the headliners considering they dropped Her Loss in November 2022.

I checked out the IG comments on the post and it's all pretty bad.

Some of the comments:



"This may be the worst lineup ever"

Because this lineup sucks, let's all reminisce on when Coachella was actually good.


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