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Dan Hurley, you're a great coach, but drop the tough guy act.

I hate to admit it, but the Connecticut Huskies are going to repeat. I've watched them all season, but seeing them tonight, they just have it all. I am the first guy to say it, and I will always give credit where credit is due; this team just is filled with incredible talent, and we will be witnessing a back-to-back championship. I just watched them piece apart the Friars in the final regular game of the season. The Big East is their playground, and the Big Dance is going to be a monkey bar they easily concur (again).

Now to the real reason for this blog. Their Coach. Mr. Dan Hurley. You cannot doubt his passion and intelligence for the game. He is fiery, his is loud, he knows the x's and o's... but he is NOT a tough guy. Watching him from URI to UConn has been interesting. He is a massive presence on the sidelines, and clearly his a great enough coach to win, like stated about, he's already cut down the net on the biggest stage. But all of those positive remarks don't matter when you cry and then threaten to beat someone up.

I am all about taunting back. Point at the ring finger, laugh in their face, wave goodbye, whatever it is. But letting your emotions forcing you to become insufferable is straight up comical. I get it, fans can be annoying as can be, but Dan Hurley, you are not the guy who is going to sucker punch someone after a win.

I mean, look at these videos, it's just embarrassing.

"Youre Going To Get Hurt"

"I'll Knock You Out"

Coach, with all due respect, you're maybe 6 foot, and a buck seventy five soaking wet. You will get rocked. You also can't bait someone to "come down their", when you have a dozen security guards as your protection.

One day, somebody is going to push the line, and I hope it doesn't get to that. But I say this from the bottom of my heart, Coach Hurley, leave it on the court and just focus on winning a championship.


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