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Do Your Job: The End Nears for Slater & McCourty


An Account of the 2022 New England Patriots Season

There's no question time is not on the veterans' side. Have they played their last snaps in New England? PIC: David Becker/AP Photos

The end looms for two Patriots mainstays.

Matt Slater was one of the best special teams players to ever grace the field. Devin McCourty was just about the only consistent element of the Patriots defense over the years. But now, with expired contracts, the 35-year-old McCourty and 37-year-old Slater have big decisions to make.

It's no secret that Matt Slater and Devin McCourty have been the foundation upon which the culture of the New Englands Patriots stands. They've collectively won six Super Bowl championships together, earned five nods to All-Pro teams, 12 nods to the Pro Bowl, and countless monumental wins.

But now that they're both technically free agents, you have to wonder - do they even want to be part of whatever's next for the New England Patriots?

The way Slater impacted this team goes far beyond his play on the field. He's been well-known for his postgame win speeches to the team team, always ending in a resounding "awwwww yeaaaah" throughout the locker room. You can clearly tell Slater was the epitome of a New England Patriots leader.

And of course, Slater and McCourty have got a lot of love for each other.

Sure, there are actions that will help. Coaching changes will (probably) be in order, they may spend some extra coin on the secondary market, and may even shake things up with a blockbuster trade or surprising draft pick. But it doesn't matter for the vets - the captains - as they may not be around to see it play out.


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