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Don’t look now: Charleston’s on fire as their win streak continues

Just yesterday, our rave about Charleston head coach Pat Kelsey hit our site. And today, they’re co-owners of the longest winning streak in the country.

Charleston started off hot, getting out to a 35-25 lead at halftime over Towson. The Tigers struggled in their last game against a Bryant team who grew desperate for a win in the past few weeks, and Pat Skerry’s bunch seemingly let their previous struggles get the best of them in the first 20 minutes.

Towson found its stride in the second half, winning the scoring battle 44-34 in the frame. Nicolas Timberlake and big-man Charles Thompson combined for 26, while Cam Holden chipped in 12.

Ultimately, though, Charleston wasn’t ready to give up their streak. They barely squeaked out a 76-74 win over Towson.

As we recapped in yesterday’s blog, Charleston’s depth is going to be critical for their success this year. Seven players were entrusted with 20+ minutes, and two more in Ben Burnham and Babacar Faye gave twelve a piece. The four Cougars in double figures were led by big-man Ante Brzovic, who chipped in 22 points and 12 boards.

The freshman Reyne Smith, Wofford transfer Ryan Larson, and role player Pat Robinson got into double digits as well.

Charleston’s on fire, and their win streak continues on into CAA play.


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