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Don't Tread on Thee! Joey Chestnut claims his 15th Nathan's Title while injured and interrupted.

I grew up watching Adam Richman's Man v. Food, and I always respected the nature of competitive eating. I hope everyone would do the same, especially to American Icon, Joey Chestnut.

The most championships in a single event belonged to Rafael Nadal, who won 14 French Open's in Tennis. Jaws just took over that crown with his 15th Nathan's Hot Dog Title this 4th of July.

This win came with adversity, with a ruptured tendon in his right leg and a protestor who attempted to stop greatness.

63 hot dogs in 10 minutes. By the numbers that's 693 grams of protein, 18,900 calories, 1,134 g of fat, 2,268 g of cholesterol, 46,179g of sodium, and 595g of carbs.

Astronomical numbers. Stat stuffing to the extreme, but we don't count calories on weekends and holidays. The only thing that matters is the win.

The protestor was trying to push PETA's agenda about Smithfield Foods and how many pigs they killed. Chestnut took care of business.

If this didn't get you going, I don't know what does. God Bless Joey Chestnut, and God Bless the U.S. of A.


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