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Dr. Portal - Volume 1: Hunter Dickinson

One of the hottest tickets on the transfer portal market is expected to make his decision relatively soon, potentially within the next week. Hunter Dickinson, the star of Michigan basketball, has taken three official visits to some pretty big programs. He averaged 18.5 points and 9.0 rebounds in his junior season. Dickinson has 1,617 career points at Michigan and has been their leading scorer since he arrived in 2020-21. For a player at this caliber, the news around his decision have been very "quiet". Here, we break down a few options that make sense, and what we know thus far.


Schools In The Running

Villanova (Official Visit)

The final visit on the portal tour bus, Dickinson ended with Villanova. A lineup of Justin Moore - TJ Bamba - Hakim Hart - Eric Dixon - Hunter Dickinson would be lethal, and would make Nova one of the top teams in all of the Big East. The fans are rolling out the red carpet and currently are the favorites to land his services. If Kyle Neptune gets this done, there is no telling what the Wildcats can accomplish.

Kansas (Official Visit)

Playing for a blue-blood program and a hall of fame coach, definitely peaks Dickinson's interest. On his podcast, RoundBall Pod, he has complimented Dajuan Harris, calling him the perfect point guard. That duo would propel Kansas as one of the top teams in the country.

Kentucky (Official Visit)

The Coach Cal effect. A top tier program that is looking for a big splash, Dickinson had another visit, that went "very well". That seems to be the go-to quote that keeps circulating around all of these schools. Despite not being one of the favorite's, the rumor mills have media members proclaiming that the big man has already made his decision to UK.

Georgetown (Unofficial Visit)

Originally from Alexandria, Virginia, Georgetown got an unofficial visit from Dickinson. There hasn't been much noise around this visit, but with his connection to the area and the new roster constructed by Ed Cooley, it seemed like a notable visit for the prized transfer to check out.

Maryland (Unofficial Visit)

Linking back to the DMV roots, the proximity to home seems like a no brainer. He met with Maryland head coach Kevin Willard and came out with positive reviews. Supposedly there is a buzz coming around the Terps Nation and they feel confident Dickinson will choose them. The "source" of all of this, might be a restaurant? The Hall, a restaurant in College Park, is having a private event tomorrow from 4-7 and Hunter Dickinson happens to be following them on Instagram.

Bryant (Offer)

More of a joke, but linked by Earl Timberlake and inspired by Jared Grasso. Could this be the underdog of the century that comes out of nowhere?? Crazier things have happened, right?


Dr. Portal's Prediction: Villanova

Instead of transferring to the best offer right off the bat, Dickinson has taken his time, visiting each school like a free agent. To be honest, he could go anywhere, but I give the nod to Villanova because of the fit and the opportunity. He'll have an immediate chance to excel in the Big East and land a ticket to the Big Dance. We saw the most recent Champion come out of this conference, so why not make it two years in a row?


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