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Drake performed at the Apollo Theater last night and it looked beyond amazing

Last night in NYC, Drake performed live for the first time in almost 5 years at the Apollo Theater. The concert which was sponsored by Sirius XM was originally set for November but rescheduled to January 21 and 22nd.

From what I saw, the concert was a timeline of Drake's life. The show's setting started off with his childhood bedroom, then to the boardroom of his record label and then finally an NYC bodega. The setlist was probably the greatest I've ever seen. He really covered every album and era of his career, real GOAT stuff right there.

GOAT set list. He also brought out The Diplomats and 21 Savage. This was such an awesome performance and after 5 years of not performing, Drake really came back with a bang.

He also teased a summer tour with 21 Savage which leaked online yesterday. There was no NY location which made me a little sad, but I believe the full tour announcement should be coming in the coming weeks from Drake and 21 Savage.

Drake really takes no time off. He's gonna be on tour this summer and he also teased another album coming this year.

Appreciate greatness while we have it!


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