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Elon Musk has entered, the beer business? Tesla Launches CyberBeer And CyberStein Combo In The US.

Tesla Launches CyberBeer And CyberStein Combo In The US

From electric cars to social media, and now hoppy brews, Elon Musk can do it all. Tesla has announced the drop of CyberBeer, which sold out fairly quick, proving the power of the brand within consumers.

It's not the first time Musk and Tesla sold branded beer. Last March, they dropped a limited edition pilsner in Europe. Now, they are releasing the CyberBeer and CyberStein combo. A limited edition set featuring two 11.2-ounce bottles and two steins for $150. The beer, which is brewed and bottled in California by Buzzrock Brewing Co. and is rated at 7 percent ABV, is a Helles Lager.

The sleek bottles are gloss black with the CyberBeer watermark. According to the site, that mark looks better when chilled, while the two matter black ceramic beer steins were glazed and fired to mirror the form of the upcoming Cybertruck pickup. The beers will be shipped at the end of the month, which might coincide to when two million reservation holders might be getting their hands on the new EV truck.

You have to admit, it's a great branding strategy, and an awesome market play for the company. Hopefully, the beer is worth the brass.

Photo via Tesla Website


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