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Elvis Andrus has now be present for two of the cleanest punches in MLB history.

Saturday Night Smackdown just went down in the MLB. Who would have thought tensions would have flared in a White Sox verse Guardians matchup, but here we are. Cleveland's Jose Ramirez slid headfirst into second base, where he was called safe. Questionable, maybe, but that was the call. Chicago's Tim Anderson was standing over him for an extra beat, and Ramirez wasn't having it. They exchanged some words before the gloves were dropped, and you can see for yourself what happened next.

The X app is speculating, and people are saying that this may be the cleanest punch in baseball since Rougned Odor cleared Jose Bautista's clock. But when you breakdown the film, there is a common denominator in this equation, and it isn't the fisticuffs.

It's Elvis Andrus...

Baseball fights are something else, but to witness both of them front and center is pretty wild. Could it be a coincidence or could he be the reason the boys feel the need to fire off punches?

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