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Bachelor with a Bro Week 1 - WE SHOWED UP

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary (A quick summary to help you make some conversation if co-workers start talking about the Bachelorette)

To start it off, they did a good job explaining how they got ready to film during COVID. Another thing they did well was showing how the guys got to La Quinta. Also, we got to get to know Clare better, hear her story again, since the last time she was on a Bachelor show was about 4/5 years ago. Chris Harrison looking like a stud, the guy ages like fine wine. There was a stupid fight night one – the guy who started the drama got sent home (she saved a guy named Yosef). The first impression of the hotel – it seemed good for one night but to film a whole season there is going to get old really quick.


For those who didn’t watch Tuesday’s night show, the first night has the men come out of limos and meet the lead. This is a guy’s first chance to make a good impression with Clare. Here were some of my favorite intros:

  • AJ: Told Clare his buddies say he makes awful first impressions, then squeezed her hands so hard she felt like they were broken

  • Kenny: Doesn’t like to wear a suit so to get around that he put Clare’s dogs on a T-Shirt and wore that

  • Tyler C: Came in a Charles Griswold station wagon and told Clare he put his whole life into the wagon

  • Bennet: This guy came in looking like James Bond and rolled into the hotel in a Rolls Royce

  • Eazy: Popped out of a sign that said “Future Husband”

  • Jay: Came in a straightjacket. Also didn’t take it off all night

  • Ed: Came in a huge bubble


One thing that any fan of the show looks forward to is the “job titles” that these people have. Some funny ones from this season: Male Grooming Specialist, Professor of Journalism, Professional Cleaning Person, and Spin Cycling Man.


If you did watch, you were teased about Clare “blowing up the Bachelorette”. Watching Tuesday's night episode felt like going to the McDonald’s drive-thru, looking forward to getting a McFlurry, and then being told the machine isn’t working. Here are the biggest unanswered questions from Tuesday’s episode:


Where is the love for my boy Beniot?

People seem to forget that Clare has already gotten engaged on the Bachelor franchise. They did this season called The Bachelor Winter Games, where they had Bachelor alum from different countries come to find love. You might remember the best contestant ever on a Bachelor season Yuki!

So they fell in love, then broke up on the show, and then on the reunion show, they got engaged on the spot. Then broke up two months after that. Yet they do not mention Beniot once in any recap of Clare’s journey for love. SMH


When will we see Tayshia?

They showed Clare and Dale together so many times in the first episode, its obvious they ended up together. What we are unsure about is, how many “weeks” do we have to pretend that they won’t end up together. Hopefully the sooner the better. Calling it now, Zac C and Tayshia should end up together. From the 9 seconds we saw of Zac C, he seems perfect for her.


Did Clare and Dale talk before the season started?

So Clare admitted that Blake reached out to her during the quarantine. But she was going through a hard time so it meant a lot to her that he broke the rules to reach out to her. Clare did not say whether she and Dale talked before. If you watch his entrance, you would agree it was good, not great. Nothing really stood out in what he did or said. But Clare literally said, “I knew it – I definitely met my husband”. No lead has ever said something like that in meeting someone in the first 30 seconds. He also got the first impression rose. Something just seemed like they had already known each other. One thing Dale said, “I’m nervous”, right before Clare went to kiss him. No one says out loud that they are nervous to kiss someone who they just met. Period. So that makes me pretty confident that they were breaking the rules and talking before the show started.


Are the Boys living in separate rooms?

One thing about the show that adds to the drama is having the contestants living together. Especially when it gets down to smaller numbers, feelings are there, having to see other people going out with your girl leads to good drama. Really have to have thick skin and be sold on the Bachelor process. From what we saw at the beginning, the guys were quarantining in separate rooms. But now that we know everyone is COVID free, are they going to be moved to a hotel suite or everyone staying in their own rooms? If they are staying in their own rooms, that adds a whole new element that no one seems to be talking about.


Thanks for reading.


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