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Extra Football Fridays-XFL: Introducing "The Brah-Mas Men"

A few months ago, I wrote a blog ranking the XFL squad solely off their logos. Our Head of Content, Sam Basel, is launching "Extra Football Fridays" to cover all things outside the NFL, and it was a no brainer to announce my allegiance.

They were my number one pick back in November, and their Head Coach is Hines Ward, so I will be officially taking my talents to San Antonio to rep the Brahmas!

"We're thinking outside the box here. Not the bulls but the BRAHMAS. Now that's innovative. The color scheme is mint and oh, their head coach is Super Bowl Winner Hines Ward. Uhhh yes yes yes. Ironically enough, the Brahmas has taken over the New York Guardians team slot, despite Orland getting access to the name. This is a no brainer pick. I am officially joining the bandwagon and making "The Brah-Mas Men" Crew. More to come on this but Roll San Antonio!"

What this means? We have no idea. I threw together some sweet merch. I'll be covering them in our weekly spotlights. We have a twitter for the eventual fan base. Heck, I'll even try to swing a game. The season starts now, and I am ready to be a Brahmas fan through and through. Let's Ride.



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