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Fantasy Baseball: The Three-Peat has been achieved

Nobody asked, but I'll still share anyway. March 30th, I set off for my triumphant quest to win our fantasy baseball league for the third time in a row. Fantasy baseball doesn't have the same appeal as fantasy football, but for me, it's my forte (humble brag).

My season was off to a disastrous start, just like the Yankees (and Mets, and Padres, and Cardinals, etc). However, I took advantage of the waiver wire and also of the few folks who forgot baseball was a five month sport.

That's neither here nor there, I paid attention and I rebuilt my team - sneaking into the playoffs and securing the dub over my good friend Hanold (sorry Chris.)

Another "trophy" to the awards cabinet. Despite the win, I did learn some lessons this go around.

• If you don't have aces, especially ones in a playoff race, than you're in trouble.

• Matt Olson is very good at hitting home runs.

• Prioritize the outfield.

• Aim for versatility with positions. Utility guys are clutch.

• Relief pitchers are free points and are never used properly.

• Vets in new places and rookies aren't as glamorous as you think.

• Draft Phillies players for August and September, not May and June.

Would it be nicer if I could watch some Yankees postseason now that it's October, but that was too much for ask. I'll take the Venmo and put it towards some Braves futures probably. GG's to Hanold, and I'll see you all next year to round out the dynasty.


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