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From Forbes Top Creators to NBA Partnerships, it's been quite the week for Mr. Beast.


I've always been fascinated by the rapid growth of Mr. Beast. I remember watching him in high school, and year after year he continues to explode. He boasts over 193 million subscribers on YouTube, making him the most-subscribed individual user on the platform. That's almost 60% of the country following a guy who gives away money and orchestrates elaborate videos.

He was the first to make content creation a business, and the way his thoughts translate to his brand is truly masterclass. From production to delivery, to what the thumbnail looks like to how many languages his videos get translated to, every move he makes involves hours of thought and commitment, which is why his videos have been viewed over 33 billion times.

This past week, he racked up the honor of being Forbes "Top Creator", earning a whopping $82 million last year, and dominating the social media landscape. Not bad for a 25 year old. To add to the accolades, Mr. Beast also made history after the Charlotte Hornets announced that “Feastables” would be their jersey patch sponsor for the 2023-24 season, marking the first time an influencer has been the sponsor of a professional sports team.

For Mr. Beast, it's a no-brainer move. He was born and still lives in Greenville, North Carolina, and he is an avid basketball fan. Now the question is, who's next to follow the trends? Influencer marketing and celebrity brands are at an all-time high, this was the only first step in seeing it translate into the professional sports world on a larger scale.


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