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Frosty Boi Fridays Episode 9: Night Shift Brewing

On todays Episode of Frosty Boi Friday, I welcome on a very special guest Isaac Boucher, who is one of the Brewers over at @Nightshift.

Today we shotgunned a 16oz Nite Light and reviewed “How’R Ya Now”, a New England style IPA. #frostyboifriday

Night Shift “How’R Ya Now”, New England style IPA

ABV: 6.0%

Hops: Citra and Rakau

Color: Yellow

Notes: lime zest, piña colada, lemon rind

Our Rating:

- Me: 8.9/10

- Isaac: 8.5/10

Shotgun Rating:

-Me: 10/10 we crushed it

-Isaac 10/10

Isaac and I had a great time shotgunning the 16oz Nite Lite. On top of that, we also talked about night shift and their progression as a brewery. As some people may know, Night Shift is finally expanding into the CT market, so make sure to look out for their beers.

Issac and I also went thoroughly though his journey to where he is now and how he became one of the brewers over at Night Shift.

Overall it was an amazing review and I want to thank Isaac for letting this happen!

As always this review is Sponsored by @proofsomerville. If you are in somerville and looking for a wide selection of amazing craft beers, head on over and they will take care of you!

Cheers and Stay Frosty,

The Boston Beer Guy






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