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Giants fans rejoice! Jason Garrett is OUT as OC. Freddie Kitchens steps in. Time for DJ to thrive


I hate talking about another mans job, but Jesus this move needed to happen. Last night, I was down bad. I was aggravated by the lack of offense that was produced. It was an embarrassing loss and I was coming for Garett's head.

Post bye week. Saquon Barkley, Kenny Golladay, and Kadarius Toney all returned to the Giants. The Giants scored a mere ten points, and it didn't come from any of these three. The touchdown didn't come from Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton, Kyle Rudolph, or Evan Engram either. No... it came from second year offensive lineman, Andrew Thomas. It was a helluva snag from the big man, and it was an awesome moment to watch, but it's telling that the offense is hindered by the play calling of offensive coordinator, Jason Garett. I am convinced that he still has ties to Jerry Jones, and was sent to New York to help weaken the NFC East for Dallas. Your big name free agent, Kenny Golladay, had one catch for a whopping 12 yards. How are we not throwing him the ball?!

After the game, Joe Judge made it clear last night that he was not happy with the coaching staff. He made a statement after the game saying that players have to execute, but coaches have to make sure they are taught and put in the position to succeed. I couldn't agree the more but didn't think the organization was going to move that quick.

Freddie Kitchens, a senior offensive assistant and former Cleveland Browns head coach, will step in place. He was relieved of his duties for the Browns, after going 6-10 in 2019, but he did start to change things around for Cleveland. The Browns averaged 23.8 points per game, 395.1 yards per game, 41.0 third-down percent and Mayfield owned a 104.9 passer rating with Kitchens calling the plays.

Under Jason Garett, the Giants are averaging 18.9 points per game, which ranks 25th out of 32 NFL teams, and 322.8 yards per game, which ranks 23rd.

Not too long ago, Daniel Jones as a rookie threw for 24 touchdowns in 12 games with less offensive firepower. This was under Pat Shurmur’s offense. Under the Garrett game plan for 24 games, Jones has only passed for 20 TD's.

With a new OC for the remainder of the season, there's a glimmer of hope that the Giants can get things cooking. Simply, it's an easy plan they need to follow.

  • Pass Kenny Golladay the deep ball

  • Use Toney in any capacity possible

  • Get Barkley the ball and use him more in the passing game

  • Win some damn ball games.

Hopefully some new offense is generated from this move. I'm rooting for Freddie Kitchens. I stand with Daniel Jones. LET'S COOK, TOGETHER BLUE.


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