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Giants Week 3 Recap: Awful

The Giants had the golden opportunity to win this game prior to the first snap. The 49ers were playing with backups.

The Giants lost 36-9... They could only manage to score 9 damn points. What the actual fuck. This team is embarrassing. The personnel is there, the coaching is there, but the team just looks awful and I don't know what the problem is or where to even begin.

Photo: 49ers


Again, there isn't much good. It is hard to highlight an 0-3 team. Here are the minimal bright spots the Giants possess.

Free Agent Signings

Another week, and Blake Martinez and James Bradberry are proving their contracts are worth every penny. Bradberry is a top-rated corner through three weeks, and he added to his stats today with three passes deflected. Blake Martinez was all over the field with 9 total tackles, 2 tackle for losses, and a sack. The Giants did well signing these two for a few seasons and friendly deals.

Graham Gano

The only bright spot and the only scoring from today's disgusting game. Gano went 3/3 on field goals, a 42 yarder, a 47, and a 52. If he missed any of these, steam would have been blowing out of my ears.

Photo: Giants


The Remainder of the Defense

I don't want to put the whole defense on the cons lists, but they allowed a backup quarterback to go 25-36 with 343 yards and a TD. The 49ers outgained the Giants 420-231 on the day while notching 29 first downs to the Giants' 13. The secondary needed to step up, and they failed. The pass rush looks decent, but there were too many instances of not breaking down and making the tackles and careless penalties.

The Run Game

Daniel Jones was our lead rusher... with 49 yards. Like, come on. I know we lost Saquon, but we can't get anything going on with the run. Davonta Freeman has been with the team for 30 seconds, so I knew we weren't going to get a 100-yard performance, but there is no life for this run game. Coach Judge needs to get this shitshow together, ASAP.

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones is buying himself a one-way ticket to the hot seat. The turnover issue is just pitiful. Not all of his issues stem from his play. There is a clear lack of heart and talent right now on this team and Jones is getting minimal support from the O-Line. One person to put to blame is Evan Engram. The Tight End has fallen so low on the trust tree it's sad to see. He had so much promise and he just looks lost.

What's next?

The Giants head to Los Angeles to face the Rams. They just got their teeth kicked in by the Bills, so I don't see them losing to another New York team. Aaron Donald is going to put in the work and probably sack Jones at least twice. Jalen Ramsey can add to fuel to the fire and probably pick Jones off too. I do not have much confidence with this team right now. The Giants are not out of the division, but this season seems like it is a wash. If the Giants lose again next week and Dave Gettleman is still the GM, I will lose all faith in this team. New York is looking at another top-five draft pick. I don't want to look at mock drafts and get excited about a high first-rounder, but that is all I can look forward to right now.

If they want to bolster the O-Line, then the number one guy on the board would be Penei Sewell out of Oregon. He is an elite prospect with quick moves and strong hands. I would not hate for the Giants to have Sewell, Thomas, Hernandez, Peart, and Zeitler on the line. That would be what the run game so desperately needs.

If they want an offensive threat to pair with Darius Slayton, I love wide receivers Rondale Moore (Purdue), Jaylen Waddle (Alabama), and Ja'Marre Chase (LSU). These three could be the next Jeudy, Lamb, and Ruggs of the draft.

The defense can always be bolstered, linebackers Micah Parsons (Penn State) and Dylan Moss (Alabama) could be great building blocks on the team.

If Daniel Jones is not the answer ( I don't want to put him there yet) and they have the position to draft Trevor Lawrence (Clemson), then by all means do it. The Cardinals made this same move with Josh Rosen and Kyler Murray, so maybe the Giants can emulate this scenario. #TankingForTrevor


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