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Grant Williams Tried To Talk Sh*t To Donovan Mitchell Before Missing Two Game Winning Free Throws

I am all for talking sh*t in the NBA especially because the league is so soft now. It makes the NBA better when players genuinely do not like each. However, when you talk sh*t, you HAVE to be able to back it up. That is the number one rule of sh*t talking.

So, what Grant Williams did last was beyond humiliating. Basically what happened was Grant Williams was fouled with 0.8 seconds left and the game was tied. He just needed to make one and the Celtics were gonna win because the Cavs had no timeouts and would have just heaved it with 0.8 seconds left.

Donovan Mitchell went up to him and did exactly the right thing. He tried to psych Grant Williams out with some mental warfare. He tried to get into his head. Grant responded by saying that he was going to make BOTH free throws.

He missed BOTH free throws.

After he missed both, the game went into OT and the momentum completely shifted. I bet most of the Celtics players thought there wasn't going to be an OT and mentally checked out when Grant got fouled assuming he would at least make ONE.

The crazy thing is he is a 83% FT shooter and played pretty well last night. But, you just gotta shut up and make at least ONE in that spot.

Williams is also looking to get a BAG this summer from the Celtics and with sh*t like this, his stock is getting lower and lower.


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