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Guy who caught Aaron Judge's 62nd home run ball might be the biggest moron of 2022

Oh no Cory. This is an all time bag fumble by this guy. There have been a lot of idiots this year, but this Cory might take the cake. This guy has to live the rest of his life knowing one horrific decision cost him $1.5 million.

According to the NY Post, Cory isn't salty that he lost the $1.5 million (lies) and is happy that he was able to complete the auction process fairly.

“Congratulations to Joe! Given the historical significance of #62, it was important to me that the selling process was fair, accessible and transparent. Joe seems like a great man and the perfect steward for this special piece of MLB history. The ball is in great hands and we thank Ken and the dedicated team."

I can hear the bitterness through this statement. It reminds me of that meme with the happy face mask behind a real face of tears.

Here it is; this is what I imagine Cory feels like right now:

Now the question is who won the ball? Well according to the NY Post, the winning bidder is a prominent Midwestern businessman and collector, but no full name was released.

The anonymous bidder said in a statement:

“I am very lucky with the help of Goldin to become the owner of the world’s most valuable baseball which comes from the most historic franchise in America’s game – the New York Yankees.

I don't wanna bash this Cory guy anymore but this is top 5 bag fumbling. The number 1 bag fumbler would be Sofia Franklyn who left the popular podcast Call Her Daddy back in May 2020. That is for another time but let's say her former co-host now has a 70 million dollar deal with Spotify.

If somebody offers you $3 million for a baseball, TAKE IT.


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