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Hall of Fame 'Hard Knocks' moments in honor of it's return last night.

Well folks, Summer is over. The heat is still very much present, but once HBO's 'Hard Knocks' returns, you know it's time for football and fall. For it's 17th season, the hit show is covering Dan Campbell's Detroit Lions.

We've already have seen the Head Coach's grit hat, the emotional breakdown by Jamaal Williams', and Aidan Hutchinson's singing away to Billie Jean. This season will be a solid highlight reel, but what about the clips from the past that are truly Hall of Fame?


"Stretching is way over rated, all those guys that fought in World Wars did none of this fancy shit" - Bob Wylie was the diamond in the rough in Cleveland.

The way Wylie moved during those huts were something else. The Browns were a circus show.

"I Fear God" - DeAndre Hopkins and DeAngelo Hall beef

I think about this video at least once a month. DeAngelo Hall ultimately was never the same after this incident.

"I want my restitution!" - Ravens Rookie impersonates Shannon Sharpe

Because it's Shannon Sharpe, the video is 10x funnier. The impersonation, mannerisms, and bucket hat are spot on.

"Knock on wood if you're with me" - Raiders Head Coach, John Gruden's, catch phrase

The saying of the fall of 2019. Knock on wood if you're with me. Between the AB Drama, the Frank Caliendo impersonation, and Gruden just yelling about Mike Glennon's neck, this season was one for the ages in terms of comedy.

"You give me 2 points, I'm going to smack the shit out of you " - Steven Smith Sr. asks about DJ Moore's fantasy potential

Ironically Moore has been a stud since then, but what a video.

"My hamstring don't work like that!" - Vince Wilfork takes on Carli Llyod in a kicking competition

Impressive for the big fella. I was baffled he made those with ease. Wilfork was definitely a star of that season, I mean how can we forget about this all-time outfit?


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