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He's staying on the Island! Mat Barzal signs an 8 year extension to stay with the Islanders. LFG!

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

LFG. Lou woke up and now Mat Barzal is lined up to be an Islander for life. No more heartbreak after the Tavares departure a few years back, the first round draft pick remains, and fans are hyped!

Barzal is a pivotal piece for any Islander success. He tied for the team scoring lead, marking his fifth straight season atop the Islanders leaderboard in points. He's scored at least 45 points since debuting in the league.

After signing the bridge deal (3Y -$21M), he was slated to be a restricted free agent next summer. I don't want to hear that it's an overpay, nor do I care if it is. The cap is going up, and some team would've paid the same. No more speculation of the Blues, Red Wings, and Kraken trying to take the prince away, Barzal is staying on Long Island, now it's time to win a cup!


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