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House Enterprise Fantasy Sports; Season 1, Ep. 2

Draft Results and Week One Selections


The league has kicked off and here is the recap of how the draft went down, plus the first week of picks!

The Draft

There were some interesting approaches to the draft. Ryan decided to watch his Auto-draft until the end. Ford wanted to focus on past, present, and potential Patriots. The "trigger finger dominoes" were falling early in certain rounds. Quarterbacks were getting snagged up in the third round. Defense/Special Teams starting getting selected in the 10th. The first kicker (Chiefs, Harrison Butker) was drafted in the 11th. Overall, each team has its highs and lows. Here is what the teams look like post-draft. (In Draft Order)

Will Tondo - Say Hello To My Kittle Friend

Chris Hanold - Why Don't You Buffalo Me?

Jake Zimmer - Zimmer Down

Ben Allen - 2 Girls, 1 OBJ

Sam Basel - Parlays are for Pushovers

James Mas - Club Foot Jim

Zach Mastrianni - The Underachievers

Ryan Densen - Auto Bot

Ford Klier - Tua to Tango, TuaTang

Who do you think had the best draft?

Early Predictions

After the draft, ESPN slated Zimmer as the projected top finisher. Some have faith in him, others feel it may be fugazz.

Newcomer to The Blog, Ford Klier, has a chip on his shoulder as he is projected last.


We won't have to wait to see if Ford can overcome adversity with his team. His first game is slated against the number one seed holder, Zimmer. Ryan Densen (The Boston Beer Guy) faces Tondo, Bachelor Expert Mastrianni is up against Sam Basel, and the Mets duo of Chris Hanold and James Mas will battle it out at the beginning. Because it is a 9-man league, Sir. Bennett Allen has a first-week bye. Could be great, but it could also be lethal.

Trade Alerts / Waiver Wires

Moments after the draft, trade talks began heating up. Hanold, a well-known Bills fan, was quite upset when Tondo landed Josh Allen as his backup in the 13th round. The duo negotiated over ten trades. Hanold even tried to slide DJ LeMahieu into the deal in a separate fantasy baseball league. They finally came up with an agreement that benefits both.

- Hanold Receives: QB Josh Allen, RB Devin Singletary, and TE Hunter Henry

- Tondo Receives: QB Aaron Rodgers, TE George Kittle

Wow... This will definitely shake some things up for both teams. That trade for Will pushed him to the number one slot according to ESPN.

In regards to the Waiver Wire. Hanold dropped D'Andre Swift after snagging Singletary. Club Foot Jim swapped running backs, by adding Marlon Mack of the Colts and cutting Bills Zack Moss.

Week 1 Selections

For the first week of football, there are a ton of quality games slated for this week. The one that may be the best of them all is Tom Brady facing off Drew Brees for his first game in a Buc's uniform. For this league, every week players will choose the money line prediction of every game. The full board of selections is shown below.

The Chiefs were a unanimous decision for tonight. Will the defending champs take the W? Also amongst the group, everyone picked the Eagles, Patriots, Ravens, and Titans.

For more gambling insight on games, check out Sam Basels "Gambling Garden". His first post for the season has props for tonight's game. As for this league, we'll see you all Monday night with the updates!



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