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I am confused. How was Maxence Caqueret the most search soccer player in the state of Rhode Island?

Move over Spotify wrapped, it's time for the most search sports references in each state to be highlighted. I love when this circulates, because it's always interesting to see what the influence is on some of our favorite players. With soccer taking a massive strive in the US this year, I checked out the list that was published by FBref.

To no surprise, Messi and Ronaldo were the kings of the castle across the US> It's going to be wild when the they move to the MLS and absolutely dominate.

I am surprised though that with the World Cup happening, that Christian Pulisic wasn't on this list or was a frequent search name. But the one that I seriously cannot wrap my head around is my lovely Rhode Island having Maxence Caqueret as their No. 1 search results.

I'll be honest, I have no idea who he is. I know he isn't on the France WC team, so a quick google search informed me that he is a 22 year-old midfielder who plays for Ligue 1 club Lyons. I'll be frank, this is so random. I've spent over an hour trying to find the connection, and I am lost. I don't know if Maxence Caqueret even knows what Rhode Island is?

Oddly enough, with 9,545 speakers in Rhode Island, French comes in third. French speakers represent a bit more than 0.95 percent of the population in the state. 30% of Kenyon Rhode Island (which again, I have no idea where that is), is French speaking. I guess there is a ton of Lyons fans in the Ocean State, I will report back on this one day.

Photo: ZIP-Atlas

In my opinion, the number one search should be Michael Parkhurst. Unbiased opinion, but the Rhody royalty and MLS star is leading the charge with Rhode Island FC.


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