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I Quit Fantasy Football

***Disclaimer*** I was forced to play with these hooligans this year after I said I couldn't play in 3 leagues.

I play in at least 1 League no more than 2. I was in my league with the Sig Chi Guys at Hobart as well as my friend league at home. When Zimmer approached me I told him to go kick rocks as I won't be playing in three.

As you can tell they basically got me to play so I told them I was going to AutoDraft my whole team cuz I didn't care. I have seen people who have never played fantasy football (I have like 7 years of playing) auto draft and win the season so I did a classic Dice Roll (Tik Tok Reference).

I actually had a decent team that I felt was good. I even showed it to my roommate the Fantasy Guru and he said I came out stacked. Like I actually had a good team... im not just saying that... but for some reason it didn't work.

0-12 I am the Jets...

I just don't understand and this is my official statement that I am retiring from Fantasy Football.

see you next year


The Boston Beer Guy


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