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ICYMI: Jarrod Neumann registers the fastest shot in PLL history

The Chaos LC defender from Providence College made history this weekend at the PLL All Star Game in Louisville. PIC: Liam Murphy/PLL

“When it hit the net, I was happy. That's why I kinda paused for a second - I just knew if it hit, I finally probably broke that 120 mark."

This was truly an incredible moment for the sport of lacrosse. One of the PLL's most coveted (and feared) defenders, Jarrod Neumann, registered the fastest shot in PLL history during the Fastest Shot Competition of the 2023 PLL All Star Game in Louisville, Kentucky this past weekend. His final shot of the night hit a whopping 121 miles per hour.

Neumann - along with Romar Dennis, Matt Rees, Bryan Costabile, and Ryland Rees - suited up for the Fastest Shot competition at halftime of the All Star Game. Neumann advanced to the final, along with Cannons long-stick-midfielder Matt Rees, who eclipsed the 115 marker as well.

But it was all Neumann in the final round.

Where things get absolutely chaotic (no pun intended) is the fact that this shot almost never happened. Neumann forgot his sticks when he flew in from the Boston area the day before, and thanks to the help of the support staff he was able to get one strung pretty quickly before the game. Here's his goalie, Blaze Riorden, telling the story.

Neumann's coach, Andy Towers, wasn't surprised in the slightest at the performance. “I think what you've seen out of Jarrod tonight is what we've known about Jarrod since the inception of this league,” he said after the game. “Nothing surprises me that he does.”

Jarrod Neumann, the Providence Friar-turned-pro, made lacrosse history on Saturday. It's yet another glimpse into how the PLL is destined to grow the game of lacrosse - both in America and throughout the world.

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