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Inside The Orchard, a conversation with Spencer Morris and Maryka Gillis of Sowams Cider Works.

Spencer Morris was an unlikely candidate to leave his manufacturing trade and become a farmer. But when the opportunity to take over Long Lane Orchard came about, Spencer couldn’t resist.

In our live interview from Sowams Cider Works in Warren, Rhode Island, Spencer is joined by Maryka Gillis to discuss the founding and future of Sowams. We learn about the history of apples in New England, especially the Ocean State’s own Rhode Island Greening, and why Granny Smith apples are overrated.

Spencer takes us through how and why he started Sowams in 2018, and the process of making high-quality hard cider from scratch. We try Orchard Blend #145 (spoiler, it’s delicious) and learn why good-quality hard cider tastes more like a sweet distilled wine than an Angry Orchard. We also discuss what’s next for Sowams and where you can find their products!


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