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Introducing the best sports gambler at HouseEnterprise | MarxTakes Blog #1

Hey everyone, my name is Gracie, or MarxTakes and I just joined HouseEnterprise as a content creator. First off, just want to say that I am ecstatic to be here and am looking forward to getting back into blogging! It has been a while, so please excuse the poor grammar and spelling mistakes.

Just a little under two years ago, I created MarxTakes, a sports betting and comedy brand run through Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. I was extremely bored during the lockdown in November 2020, and always wanted to create content, but never had the time being a full-time college student. With school fully online, I used the time to create content and grow out the MarxTakes brand. The pages are centered around sports comedy with an emphasis in sports betting. My sports betting origin story is pretty funny.

Back in 2018, I was a freshman at Indiana University. I spent one year there before transferring to another school. Indiana had an abysmal football team that year. They went 5-7 and their offense was horrendous. IU's basketball team wasn't that great either even though they were led by Romeo Langford, who was drafted by the Boston Celtics in 2019. Anyway, I left Indiana in 2019 after a pretty dreadful year and told myself I probably wasn't going to be returning to the state of Indiana ever again.

Fast forward to November 2020 and Indiana football is good. Now, some believed this IU football team was playoff bound. They were never THAT good, but it was refreshing to see Indiana ranked #12 in the AP Poll. I saw Indiana was playing some solid football and wanted to finally start sports betting. I am a big Barstool fan and have been since 2016, and noticed they were really getting into sports betting. I figured I would also get into it (responsibly). The first game I ever bet on was Indiana vs Wisconsin in Madison in November 2020. I knew nothing about spreads, money-line, or any odds at all.

Wisconsin opened up as a 13.5 point (!!!) favorite against Indiana and -560 money-line. Having no idea what that meant and hopping on the IU bandwagon (Reminder: I went there for a year, I am pretty much an alum), I decided to place 50$ on the IU money-line, +470 (!!!). Indiana went in to Madison, and won in the most Big Ten fashion ever, with a final score of 13-6. From that moment on out, I knew I had to get into sports betting. Eventually from there, I started really learning the terms and everything about how betting worked. I think after missing sports so much during lockdown, I really wanted to watch (and bet) on every single sporting event I could. Mid major college basketball at 10:30 PM? Sign me up. March 2021 was one of the most fun times I've had sports betting through March Madness and the No Run First Inning (NRFI) bets in Summer 2021.

My favorite sports to bet on are college football, NFL and MLB. I had an all time college football run last year where I won 74% of the bets I placed. I was seeing the board so clearly and it was an all time sports betting run. I am a die hard LA Clippers fan since 2006 and also root for the Mets, Rams, and Big Ten success in college football, except not UCLA or USC because they are lame AF. My favorite sporting event is March Madness, but a close runner up is the Little League World Series.

Very excited to be here and start making more content for House Enterprise. I've also linked all my socials below. Cheers!

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