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Is Draymond Green in love with LeBron James?

As most of us expected, the defending champs, the Golden State Warriors put on a shit pumping last night against the feeble Los Angeles Lakers.

When the game got clearly out of hand and the Warriors had their starters on the bench, Draymond Green called LeBron James over to have a chat. LeBron from the other side of the court ran over to Draymond where they laughed about something. Loser move.

Now before we get into how Iggy is involved, I must explain the Draymond/LeBron relationship. There is an ongoing joke on NBA Twitter that Draymond is obsessed with LeBron and "rides his d**k." This joke has been going on for a while and was really solidified in last night's game. Draymond is a Klutch Sports moron which is LeBron's company run by Rich Paul.

When Draymond struck Jordan Poole at practice last week, the ongoing joke was that Jordan Poole had said something bad about LeBron which caused Draymond to lash out. Obviously didn't happen, but the joke of Draymond being obsessed with LeBron rolls on.

Here are some memes to just capture how obsessed Draymond is with LeBron:

Now how does Iggy come into play? Well, when LeBron came over to say something to Draymond, Iggy made a gesture from the bench. I'll let you guys watch the video:

I mean, WOW. There's nothing funnier to me than the idea that the Warriors are completely aware of this ongoing "joke" with Draymond and LeBron. Maybe it is not a joke and Draymond is really in love with LeBron? Another great shot is when you pause the video and all the Warriors have the same look on their faces.

I'm sorry but no joke LeBron says is funny enough for Draymond to react like that. All the Warriors got the same "what is this clown doing" face.

It's also important to note that this type of bantering is pretty pathetic. You're down 27 points on NBA opening night. Only losers and quitters run from the other side of the court to chat with someone mid game. Stop with the BS and be competitive during the game. I'm not really surprised LeBron did this though because he is a certified loser.

Lakers will be lucky if they are a 6 or 7 seed. They are a feeble basketball team and soon we will see this graphic all over the Lakers social pages:


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