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It keeps getting worse for Brady and Gisele as the crypto brand they got in on files for bankruptcy

FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange is going down in flames as they filed for bankruptcy this morning.

There are many celebrities and athletes that inked deals with FTX including Tom Brady and Steph Curry. They all talked about FTX on their social media platforms and Tom Brady was in an FTX commercial that we all saw over 1,000 times last NFL season.

We all know the nightmare of a year Tom Brady is having with his divorce and his team being utter garbage. Well, it keeps getting worse. I'm gonna be honest I don't really understand crypto or give a s**t about it, but I can gather that Brady is gonna lose a ton of money from FTX going bankrupt.

Here's how bad things are in language I can understand:

Per the Daily Mail:

"FTX saw more than $6billion in withdrawals in the 72 hours leading up to Tuesday, and the market value of the exchange crashed by 70 percent this week as concerns about its financial health mounted.

The company's CEO Sam Bankman-Fried lost an estimated $14.6bn - 94 percent of his net worth - overnight, according to Bloomberg, after FTX struck a bailout deal with rival company Binance.

While neither Brady or Bundchen are expected to see losses to the magnitude of Bankman-Fried, the company's recent developments could certainly leave a dent."

Well, I guess it's good when you don't lose your entire net worth on a stupid crypto investment, but never fun to lose a good chunk of money while you just finalized a divorce and are in the middle of an abysmal football season.

Besides Tom Brady, I'm also thinking about the Miami Heat who play their games in "FTX Arena." FTX signed a 19 year, 135 million dollar deal with Heat's arena. That arena will always be American Airlines arena similar to how Crypto arena will always be Staples Center.


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