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It's a game of inches... Never count the kid out, Patriots defense saved my fantasy season.

Not like anyone cares about another mans fantasy football team, but my adrenaline is pumping at 11:30 on a Monday night.

My team has been ravaged with injuries and two main RB's were on bye's this week. I barely came across 100 points the past couple of weeks and I limped into the playoffs. Enter Normal Guy Lazy Eye Jerod, who was the top seed and the guy to beat all season. 9-3 record, he has been killing it.

I gave my guys the pep talk before Sunday, and we went to work. Jerrick McKinnon, 2 TD's and 35 points. Donovan People Jones, 114 yards and 20 points. The dogs were barking, but I was still down.

I needed 18.5 points for the Patriots defense to take down the No. 1 seed. They gave me 19. Holy shit.

Your Eagles may have beaten my Giants, but I got the last laugh.


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