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It's safe to say that the NBA has no loyalty. Bucks fire Head Coach, Mike Budenholzer.

In my opinion, the NBA is putting out one of the best products on the floor amongst the "big four". You could also say that this playoffs have been one of the more exciting ones and we are only on the second round. With that being said, the NBA is also one of the hardest businesses to operate across the various leagues, and it's safe to say, there isn't any loyalty in the sport.

Star players leave on a regular basis, superstars demand astronomical contracts only to demand a trade less than a season later. Pat Beverly said on his podcast that 50% of the league doesn't love the game, and players find scapegoats and issues in any scenario. Then you have the organizations. The governors and coaches cut and trade players in the name of the business, but they also fire coaches after

Two years removed from their first NBA championship since 1971, the Milwaukee Bucks have parted ways with head coach Mike Budenholzer. He was their Coach of the Year in 2019, he led them to five straight 1st place Central and playoff appearances, and ultimately won them a ring. A 271-120 record and coaching the league's best player and biggest star doesn't provide any job security. It comes at a weird time too, because after the were bounced in the first round, Giannis Antetokounmpo stated the season wasn't a failure.

Buldenholzer led the Bucks to the best record in all of the NBA, but now joins a list of other fellow championship coaches who were quickly canned not to far after winning their respective rings. It goes to show that no job is safe and that every coach is expandable. I for one, just feel the league is more of a business (an entertainment business) then it is a "family".


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