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Jeremy Peña, the Prince of Providence, just won the World Series MVP

It pains me to say it, but the Astros were a helluva team. It doesn't make sense how they get better every year, despite losing key players, but here we are. Carlos Correa got that bag, while his predecessor got the keys to Houston.

I guess that what makes this World Series sweeter. Rhode Island Native and Rookie extraordinaire, Jeremy Peña, just won the World Series MVP. Peña just batted .400 with 10 hits and a 1.023 OPS. The highlight came in the Astros' win in Game 5, when Peña became the first rookie shortstop to homer in the World Series.

The former Classical High School has had quite the journey. He was born in the Dominican Republic and then moved to the Ocean State when he was nine. In high school, he was drafted by the Braves in the 39th round, but opted to go to University of Maine. It paid off, because he was drafted in the third round of the 2018 by the Astros, ultimately earning the starting nod four years later.

What a season for the kid. It was accolade city. He became the first Astros rookie to win a Gold Glove, and the first rookie ever to win a Gold Glove at shortstop in MLB history. The BBWAA named him the Rookie of the Year. He slashed his way to an ALCS MVP, and now the World Series MVP. For Rhode Island, we're proud of the Rook! I wonder how Correa feels right about now?


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