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Jets Week 3 Recap: Ugh.

Photo: Blue Stampede

The boys over at the BBB podcast put it best when they said "this is without a doubt the worst Jets team of the 2000s". I apologize in advance for the short recap this week, there is truly nothing worth mentioning. During another loss in their week 3 matchup against the Colts, Darnold managed to throw more touchdowns to Indianapolis defensive backs than to New York wide outs. The running and passing game both remained stagnant just a few days after Adam Gase said the offense would be in "hyperdrive" for the rest of the season. The Jets have proven themselves to be a joke, and not a funny one. Pros and cons list.

Photo: Jets Wire


Braxton Berrios: Not too many bright sides this week, but I'll do my best to find them. Another score for Berrios this week has proven his playmaking abilities. The third year man out of the University of Miami has shown promise in the return and the receiving game. Four receptions for 64 yards and a score aren't gamebreaking numbers, but in a Jets offense struggling to find offensive playmakers, Berrios is beginning to solidify himself as one.

Photo: Jets Wire


Sam Darnold: This was an all time awful performance from Sam this weekend. Two (2) pick sixes on the way to a 30 point loss on the road. At times, Darnold looked like he had no idea who he was throwing too (which might've been the case, given his receiving options). I'm beginning to believe there's more to Sam's problems than just Adam Gase. Perhaps the hidden talent I believed Darnold to possess (and constantly tried to convince others he possessed) was viewed through rose colored glasses. Now that the glasses are off, the red flags are now revealed. Bottom line, Darnold is wildly inconsistent. It breaks my heart.

Defense: The Jets defense couldn't stop a nosebleed this weekend. I mean, it would've been hard for Philip Rivers to have been more accurate on Sunday. 17/21 for 217 yards and a score was more than enough through the air to secure the victory. Taylor, Wilkins, and Hines also chipped in with 119 yards on the ground and a score. From the first snap, the momentum was always in the Colts favor, and the Jets defense just sat back and gave up.

What's next?:

The Jets have a short week this week with a Thursday Night game against the Broncos ahead of them. The battle of 0-3 teams gives the Jets an opportunity to maybe secure that elusive first win of the season.


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