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Joey Bosa became the most unlikeable player in the matter of hours.

NFL Players, here's a quick lesson on things not to do when encountering drunk fans. The Philly mob was in prime form after finding Joey Bosa pregaming the 49ers/Eagles game, supporting his brother in the NFC Championship game.

Obviously after a few bud-lattes, the fans were rowdy and ready to cause a scene and Joey Bosa became the target. It was some classic heckling that turned comical real quick.

Now listen, I don't agree with what the fans kwere doing. Bosa was just trying keep to himself with his family and go watch some football like the rest of us. It's trashy talking to others like this, and being drunk doesn't give them the right to talk like that. However, the loser of the situation is Joey B. He just became the most unlikeable player in a matter of hours. Be the bigger man and just walk away because this is a bad look

There is a lot to unpack from this video. Bosa doesn't strike me as a Bud Light Seltzer guy, so knowing that was his drink of choice showed his true colors on what was to come. Secondly, the butt-buddies comment is so middle school, once you drop that com back line, you already lost the battle. Then when he gets taking about financials you just lost the any supporters. You're an NFL star, no shit you're rich, why flex that?

So if NFL players are reading this, here's what should've went down. From the desk of House Enterprise PR-101 course...

- Pretend you didn't hear it or continue what you were doing

- Give a quick nod of acknowledgment (optional)

- Walk away

You did all of this and boom, nobody blinks an eye. Now, Joey Bosa, you are the meme of 2023.

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