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Ladies and Gentleman, Donovan Mitchell is a NOT a New York Knick. Cavs send massive haul to Jazz.

Man... Not the way I imagined my Labor Day Weekend to kick off. Danny Ainge. A masterclass General Manager. He drove the Knicks out of the price ranged, and collected a flurry of assets for the young All-Star.

The Knicks said the deadline was Monday, even though they were still entertaining the idea, and poof, he now goes to the Cavs.

I gotta give him credit. He turned Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell into Seven unprotected first round picks, three first round pick swaps, Ochair Agbaji (No. 14 pick in 2022), Walker Kessler (No. 22 pick in 2022), Jarred Vanderbilt Lauri Markkanen, Collin Sexton, Malik Beasley, and Patrick Beverley (who was traded to the Lakers for Stanley Johnson and Talen Horton-Tucker).

That's impressive.

But back to the sorry franchise of the Knicks. My hopes were yet again crushed. I was left disappointed. If the Knicks made that trade they'd be laughed at. Now that they didn't, they are still getting laughed out. You can't win with this time

RJ Barrett will lead us for the next four years, alongside Brunson and Julius Randle. Our "Mid Three" as the media proclaimed.


I guess it's onto the next dream.


BONUS: Here is my Knicks Blog for Donovan Mitchell. It's a sad day, it's a bad day...

I have been sitting on this blog for over weeks. I went to Utah and stood outside the Vivint Arena and asked "what's good?". I've been waiting patiently, and reading speculation, and finally... Donovan Mitchell is a God Damn New York Knick... IN LEON ROSE WE TRUST!!

Now first off, a big all F-U to Phil Jackson, would could have just drafted Mitchell instead of now trading for him years later, but the past is the past. Back to the programming, we've heard it before and have been burnt before. Every A list, All-Star, franchise changing player has been linked to the Knicks. Free agency, drafts, trades, the whole kitchen sink. Yet time after time, fans have been left disappointed. There hasn't been a splash so noteworthy since Carmelo made his way to the Knicks.


I knew for a fact something was up. The Knicks aren't stacking first round picks for a team that focuses on more developed players rather than young talent year after year. Ironically enough, I just visited the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City. I had a feeling.

At just 25 years old, Mitchell is a 3x All Star with sky high potential. A difference maker and man made for the Big Apple. He has an excellent 3-point shot, shows craft and balance in the midrange, and still shows off an impressive dunk or crafty layup finish. His defense is so so, but his explosiveness on the court, is just what the Knicks need to contend.

He has a career average of 23.9 points per game on 44% shooting, plus 5 seasons and 39 games of playoff experience. Yes, yes, yes. He's also a New York-area native, and loves the Mets, so it's a win-win for him.

With adding Brunson for the long haul, the team is shaped out, and man I'm excited.

PG: Jalen Brunson - Derrick Rose

SG: Donovan Mitchell - Immanuel Quickly - Trevor Keels

SF: RJ Barrett - Feron Hunt

PF: Julius Randle - Obi Toppin

C: Mitchell Robinson - Isaiah Hartenstein - Jericho Sims

The starting rotation is mint, and the 2nd unit is manageable. It all fits together like a puzzle. Don't look know, but that is a SQUAD. I don't know about you, but I have a feeling the playoffs are back on. Not a bad headline for my 600th blog. We've got some Knicks Fever cooking...

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