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LeBum James is now blaming the Lakers schedule after the Lakers 11th straight loss to the Clippers

Have some shame LeBron! The Lakers have the LOWEST amount of back to backs this season, so no need to complain about the the scheduling conflict.

The Clippers actually have had the MOST back to backs this season and have had an absolute GRUELING schedule and I don't see any complaints for them.

I think it's especially funny because LeBron didn't seem to be complaining when he spent the entire 2nd half stat padding last night. He had an awful 1st half like 5 points or something and then spent the entire 2nd half stat padding. He finished with like 33 points but the Lakers were never really in the game.

Vintage LeBum performance last night with the 2nd half stat pad special and then a post game bitch and complain!


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