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Mahomes just got PAID, which QB is next?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Usually, the Monday after 4th of July weekend is the non-official hungover holiday. The common American is typically sunburnt, sluggish, not looking forward to working, and probably a few bills lighter in the bank account. Patrick Mahomes doesn’t fall into this category. On July 6th, the Chiefs lock up their franchise quarterback through 2031, with a historic and astronomical extension.

Photo: CBS Sports, Kansas City Chiefs

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the deal is worth around $450 million big ones, with the potential reaching up to $503 million. Holy … Shit …. The deal has a no-trade clause and an injury guarantee of $140 million. The Chiefs picked up his fifth-year option for the 2021 season back in April, the team will now have Mahomes for the next 12 years. This remarkable payday outdoes the largest contract in professional American sports, which was previously held by Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels (12-year, $426.5 million). We knew this contract was coming once the 2018 MVP helped the Chiefs win their first Super Bowl in 50 years. He is a phenomenal player, and an even better leader and person. Mahomes is set for life. Jake Marsh of Barstool Sports tweeted it perfectly, Mahomes could buy 226,130,653 bottles of his favorite condiment, Heinz Ketchup, with this deal.

Even though Mahomes has only played the past 2 seasons, he ranks 1st in the NFL in most categories. Mahomes boasts 89 passing TD’s, 10,602 passing yards, 27 wins, a 79 total QBR, and 8.5 yards per attempt (ESPN Stats & Information). Not to mention, Mahomes is the first quarterback to win the league MVP and the Super Bowl before turning 25. He has yet to reach full potential, and the Chiefs are built to win for years to come. With that being said, there was no question that Mahomes wasn’t getting secured with a big payday by the Chiefs. The question now is, who’s next?

For this blog, we’ll focus on Quarterbacks. I broke it down into three categories. Massive (high paying, long tenure), Big Time (teams that will lock up their franchise QB’s), and Veteran Investment (older guys seeking new contracts).


· Dak Prescott, DALLAS COWBOYS

o 2021 Free Agent

o Prescott was in the news recently, after the Cowboys offered him a $175-million-dollar extension for 5 years. He declined, as he was seeking a deal that would pay $40 - $45 million per year. I am all about the saying “know your worth”, but I can’t see the Cowboys paying him that much. He is a very talented QB, but he is no Mahomes. Dak signed his 2020 franchise tag, which will give him $31 million.

o PREDICTION: 5 years, $187.5 million

· Deshaun Watson, HOUSTON TEXANS

o 2022 Free Agent

o Unlike Prescott, Watson’s contract doesn’t technically expire until 2022, where the team could potentially tag him. It is clear that the team wants to keep him around. Head Coach and General Manager, Bill O’Brien, is known for making head-scratching moves (i.e. trading Jadevon Clowney and DeAndre Hopkins), so I could see him paying Watson handsomely or letting him walk. Rumors were swirling that the Texans were willing to pay him that lucrative $40-$50 million per year deal. In my personal opinion, I find him better than Dak Prescott. They have identical stats, but I find him more of an MVP of the league than I do Dak.

o PREDICTION: 7 years, $315 million


o 2022 Free Agent, Fifth Year Option eligible for 2023

o CBS Sports has Lamar Jackson as the best contract in the NFL based on his performance. He is entering the third year of his rooking deal, and the 2019 MVP only has a $2.5-million-dollar cap number for the 2020 season. Jackson is a baller. He is the first QB to pass for over 1,000 yards AND rush for over 1,000 in a season. He had incredible stats for his first season starting every game, which unfortunately fell short after the Titans shocked them in the playoffs. The Ravens obviously love Lamar and his production. The Ravens did pay their former elitist, Joe Flacco, a 6 year, $120 million dollar back in 2013. This took place after he guided the team to a 2012 Super Bowl victory, so there is no question that Lamar is going to get the big contract, but the Ravens have some time to decide the particulars.

o PREDICTION: 6 years, $240 million

Big Time


o 2022 Free Agent, Fifth Year Option eligible for 2023

o Josh Allen helped the Bills reach the playoffs last year, and the mobile gunslinger is going to want an extension sooner rather than later. The Bills are definitely committed to Allen and its offense, after trading for Stefon Diggs this offseason. Allen still has a lot to prove if he wants a massive contract stated above, but he’s going to get a big-time contract for sure.

o PREDICTION: 5 years, $175 million

· Baker Mayfield, CLEVLAND BROWNS

o 2022 Free Agent, Fifth Year Option eligible for 2023

o The former No.1 overall pick has had a revolving door of Head Coaches during his tenure. Baker is talented, but he has not gotten into a decent groove. With a new head coach and plenty of talent surrounding him, the young QB is set up for success. He definitely has the weight of the city on his shoulders, as the team has not made the playoffs since 2002. If Baker takes the team to the postseason, the organization will look to keep him for the future. However, the Browns have some financial decisions to look at. They have the massive Odell contract on the books, plus the looming contracts of Myles Garrett, Denzel Ward, and Nick Chubb.

o PREDICTION: 5 years, $150 million


· Jameis Winston, NEW ORLEAN SAINTS

o 2021 Free Agent

o Jameis got the boot by the Buccaneers after his 30 TD – 30 INT season. That, and the fact that the team landed the GOAT Tom Brady this spring. Winston signed with the Saints for $1.1 million, to learn from one of the league’s best, Drew Brees. Although he is an internet meme, the guy can play, and his stats speak for themselves. There was an image circulating twitter that stated “Jameis could throw ZERO yards in 2020 and still have more career passing yards by age 27 then every HOF Quarterback besides Dan Marino (short by 19 yards). Jameis could also throw ZERO touchdowns in 2020 and have more career TD passes than every HOF Quarterback besides Dan Marino as well.” Those stats are crazy. Jameis Winston wanted to follow the path of what Teddy Bridgewater accomplished last season. When Brees went down, Bridgewater went 5-0, which led him to a 3 year, 63-million-dollar deal with the Panthers.

o PREDICTION: 4 years, $70 million


o 2021 Free Agent

o The Patriots broke the internet when they signed the former MVP to a 1 year, $500k deal. The contract has incentives, which could bring its value closer to $8 million. It was a no brainer for the team, that had some quarterback questions once Tom Brady left for the Buccaneers. Similar to Winston, Cam took a “prove-it” deal, which hopefully will benefit him next offseason. If guys like Nick Foles and Chase Daniels can get decent paydays, I could see Cam Newton (barring injury) could follow suit.

o PREDICTION: 4 Year, $80 Million


o 2021 Free Agent

o The Swiss army knife himself. Taysom Hill can truly do it all, but could he be the franchise man under center. There were talks that he was the rightful heir for the Saints once Drew Brees retires, but it is tough to tell. I am not sure if teams will dish him some serious coin, but there have been crazier things to happen. It also doesn’t help his case that Jamies will most likely be the official backup if Brees goes down this season.

o PREDICTION: 3 years, $45 Million

These are just a few examples of players who are slated to receive the next big contract. I didn’t include guys like Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, or any of the rookies who were just drafted. Moral of the story, if you are a Quarterback and you are decent-to-good, you are going to be paid. Every team needs a franchise quarterback to win games. If guys like Ryan Tannehill can land a 4-year, $118-million-dollar extension for taking the Titans to the AFC Championship game with minimal passing attempts, that these guys above are going to be rewarded accordingly.


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