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Met Life: With The NFL Trade Deadline Next Week, Are The 6-1 Giants Buyers, Sellers, Or Both?

Another one bites the dust, and another Dave Gettleman move that further proves he should be jailed for what he did as the Giants GM. Shocking, but honestly it was a move that needed to happen. Toney was never available. He was injury prone to the extreme (which I guarantee he won't be hurt once for the Chiefs). He would go back-and-forth with fans on social media, he made excursus. The guy just didn't want to be a Giant.

It sucks, because Kadarius could have been one of those electric playmakers, and had the chance to make an impact. But there was a lot of behind the scenes stuff we didn't see, but he was on the outside looking in anyway. Giants collect some draft picks, and KT gets a new start. Win-win in an already lost

Both fans and casuals were shocked that KT was traded. I said the writing was in the wall, but nobody expected it. But did anyone expect the Giants to be 6-1? And yet, has a team with this solid of a record ever shipped off pieces at the deadline for future capital?

Joe Schoen has talked about coming in and fixing the mess of a cap situation that Gettleman left behind, which could result in some tough decisions. However, the Giants are in the position to make some noise, and could bolster the roster in a few areas. So what does this regime do at the deadline? I think the answer is both, but I am not sure if anything happens. The main reason goes back to our buddy Gettleman. He screwed the cap situation on this team, and Joe Schoen will have his work cut out for him during his tenure because of it. Not including the KT trade, the Giants have about $3.9 million in freed cap space this season, so the options are somewhat limited at what's possible for the deadline.

Thankfully, there is no way that the Giants will trade Saquon Barkley, and I hope they resign him in the offseason. He is meant to be the Giants Running Back. As for players who could be dealt, it's hard to say. One name that was circulating for weeks was Darius Slayton, but he is becoming indispensable right now. Especially with the injury and irrelevance of Kenny Golladay. Speaking of KG, I'm sure the Giants would love to trade him, but that will be virtually impossible. He is the most expensive paper weight in the history of uselessness. I hope and pray he comes back and actually does something. Be the legit threat you once were in Detroit, please. I think if the right offer comes, anybody is moveable on this team, but shipping off Toney was a good start.

As for the buying side, it's pretty clear the Giants need help at the wide receiver position.

It is a razor thin depth chart, that has been hit with injuries and uncertainties. There have been plenty of names that have been thrown out there, but do any actually make sense?

Chase Claypool is a name that's been tossed around. He could bring plenty of value to this WR room. Through seven games in 2022, Claypool has been targeted 44 times, with 28 catches for 266 yards and one touchdown. His best year came in 2020, with 62 catches for 873 yards and 11 touchdowns. The Steelers want at least a 2nd rounder for him, and I'd much rather have the Giants front office use that pick then trade it (in this situation).

Then there's DJ Moore, who the Panthers said they are unlikely to trade, but they said the same thing about CMC. The Panthers signed Moore to a three-year extension worth $61.9 million in March following three straight 1,000-yard seasons, so he is a hot commodity, but not an easy move to make financially. There has also been chatters of New York Jets Elijiah Moore and Denzel Mims, Texans Brandin Cooks, and Patriots Kendrick Boorne, but that is just what's churning in the rumor mill.

Jerry Jeudy is a name that sticks out to me. One because of the connection that is already in house. Brian Daboll was Alabama's offensive coordinator when Jeudy was a freshman. The former first round pick hasn't shined like he did in Tuscaloosa. In two and a half seasons and 33 games, he has 1,709 yards and 5 touchdowns. A fresh start might be what he needs. People are saying it could be costly to acquire him, if he is even available, so we shall see if he even gets moved.

What the Giants need is a true WR1. A tall and fast route runner who is going to haul in some touchdowns. Do any of those guys fit the mold? They could but nothing is jumping off the page for me. Who knows, maybe OBJ will surprise the league and comeback to the Giants? One can dream.

With Rookie Tight End, Daniel Bellinger, expected to miss 2-6 weeks after a successful eye surgery, someone will need to fill his void. Could the Giants take a flyer on Mike Giesecki? Yes, he's better than Chris Myarick or Tanner Hudson, but he's on a one-year, fully-guaranteed $10.931 million contract. Where does this money come from for this deal and it is pretty much guaranteed he won't be back with the team at the end of the season. So for Madden purposes yes, for realistic purposes, highly unlikely.

And those are just the glaring needs. The Giants could always bolster up the O-Line and Defense. I've been seeing names like Jets CB Bryce Hall, Texans DE Jerry Hughes, Seahawks CB Sidney Jones, and Patriots OT Isiah Wynn. Again, if the money works and the picks are sparring, then make it happen.

At the end of the day, I think the Giants front office knows they are playing above their expectations. It would be nice to buy big and make some splashes now, but the team has to be ready to rebuild for the future, not just this year. Hate to say it, but it's the truth. I wish they can just go balls to the wall now, but I trust Schoen to do the right thing.


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