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Mount Washington's -104 wind chill looks straight out of a different planet

The scenes from Friday atop the highest point in New England look straight out of Mars.

This actually might be one of the scariest things I've seen all week.

Mount Washington is one of New England's true gems when the weather cooperates. It's the highest peak in the Northeastern US, and it's almost synonymous with adventuring in New England. Of course, everyone's seen those bumper stickers that say "This Car Climbed Mount Washington" (which, for the record, are cringe)...but there are so many of them around for good reason.

But the cold wave in New England this week turned this gem of a point into something you'd see on another planet. Take a -104 degree wind chill, add in gusts up to 120 mph, and you have yourself a scene from a movie. Take a look at the camera mounted near the observatory on Friday.

However scary it may look, the events on Mount Washington set a record for the highest-ever recorded wind chill in the USA. It's a marvel of nature.

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