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New York Mets bring in David Stearns to right the ship

(AP Photo/Aaron Gash, File)


Looking back on the 2023 New York Mets season, we as fans, have had a lot to complain about, and rightfully so. A team that won 101 games just a year ago, returned to the field and completely crushed all of our hopes and dreams. The August trade deadline came along and we saw the writing on the wall, as Steve Cohen and the rest of the front office shipped off many players that we came to know and love in Queens.

However, although the team sadly isn't competing this year, there are still plenty of silver linings, and yes, the future is bright for the Mets.

The youth movement that has since become known as the "Baby Mets" has given fans something to smile about, as we get see Francisco Alvarez, Brett Baty, Mark Vientos and Ronny Mauricio really come into their own, with Alvarez and Mauricio specifically being immensely promising and exciting.


There are less than three weeks until the 2023 MLB regular season officially comes to a close, and while we don't have any postseason baseball to look forward to this October at Citi Field, owner Steve Cohen did give us a great farewell present, as he finally found his long-sought after president of baseball operations.

David Stearns is coming off a highly successful tenure with the Milwaukee Brewers, one that saw him lead the Brew Crew to the postseason in four consecutive years despite the teams abysmal payroll. Mets fans now begin to foam at the mouth and wonder; what is Stearns capable of with Cohen's open checkbook?


There are quite a few issues that David Stearns will be faced with once he steps into his new role in New York at the close of the season. With Buck Showalter under contract through 2024, does Stearns think he's the right guy for the job? How will Stearns address the thin starting rotation as he inherits Steve Cohen's massive budget? And most importantly... the Pete Alonso trade rumors.

According to SNY's John Harper, he would be "very surprised" if Stearns traded Alonso.

Stearns has one of the sharpest minds in baseball, and with him now steering the ship in Queens, a World Series is certainly expected within the next five years. Steve Cohen has stated many times before that he is a firm believer that "the long-term health of the franchise depends not on how much he spends but on its ability to develop young players, particularly pitchers, and take advantage of their output during their less-expensive years. Stearns has a history of doing just that" - via Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post

Stearns, a native New Yorker, knows that the Mets are a long-starved franchise. Coming up on the 38th year of their World Series drought, Stearns knows that the fan's patience wore thin long ago, and that he certainly has his work cut out for him.


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