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NFL Kickoff Betting Special: Get Your Money's worth on Thursday Night

Face it. Summer's over. As we retreat back to our cooling hovels for the next few months, there aren't many things to look forward to greater than the 2020 NFL Season. When just three months ago the prospect of live sports was a far-off dream, football kicks off flanked by the NBA and NHL playoffs. A second sports equinox in two years (promptly check that off on your 2020 bingo card). Here are three story threads to follow so that you can get the bang for your bets on Texans at Chiefs.

All lines and spreads are according to the MGM Grand Sportsbook

Easy Point Spread

In a betting sense, this is a pretty boring game. Coming off ten straight wins since week 11 last year, I do not expect the reigning Super Bowl Champions to slow down tonight. Despite a questionable Travis Kelce, Mahomes and the rest of the Chiefs offense are in peak physical condition, with Mahomes projected to throw at least 300 yards and two passing touchdowns, according to Numberfire. Their last meeting in the AFC divisional round, which was also at Arrowhead stadium, saw Kansas City go on an offensive tear, widdling down a 24 point lead like it was nothing. If I'm being completely honest, I think a single-digit spread is generous for Houston. Despite a 10-6 record last season, the Texans finished 7-8-1 against the spread.

MY PICK: Kansas City -9.5 (-110)

An Unsure Offense Brings Down the Total

There is a lot going against Houston in Week 1, and they're looking to make a statement away against the reigning champs. While I think it will be heard throughout the season, it will fall on deaf ears Thursday night. The departure of DeAndre Hopkins is big, but I think Houston has done their best to work through it with the additions of Randall Cobb and David Johnson. Brandin Cooks is also a solid pickup for the Texans, but is currently listed as questionable. It will take some time for this current rotation to click, which leaves most of the scoring to come from Kansas City.

My Pick: Under 54.5 (-110), but consider it a rarity for Kansas City this season.

Breaking My Biggest Rule Early

I'm not a fan of parlays. After seeing friends staying in with dry bank accounts due to one too many 6/7 picks, I try my best to avoid them completely. However, like Sokka

with the solar eclipse, the sports equinox that we see on Thursday is too great of an opportunity to pass up on. We need to take on the sportsbooks when they're at their weakest. Besides, if Kansas City starts running up the score on Houston, it'll be nice to make your channel surfing worth something.

My Pick: Chiefs, Lakers, and Golden Knights all to win (+190)

Happy Picking!



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