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Normal Guy, Lazy Eye Episode 103: Maggie Morris

Well sometimes, life reconnects you with incredible people and that’s just what we have for you on this incredible episode. Turns out, our next guest is great friends with a fellow guest of the show, Rob Perez, but what Rob didn’t know is that she and I went to High School together - fast forward a couple of weeks and here she is on the show! Our next guest is a DC-based photographer on a personal mission to uplift and celebrate people however she can. Her philosophy is people first, photos second! Whether it’s the countless, beautiful weddings she’s captured, couples engagements and elopements, or even some action shots on the track, our next guest can do it all! Winner of the Best of DC photography services in 2023 and originally from the same hometown as yours truly, please welcome, the one and only Maggie Morris!

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