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Former NYCFC Forward and MLS Golden Boot Winner, Taty Castellanos, score four goals on Real Madrid

NYCFC needs their guy back. Taty Castellanos scores four on Real Madrid.

Will he return to MLS?

Photo: Reuters / EPA

The former MLS Golden Boot Winner and Champion for NYCFC is having some great success in La Liga. On loan at Girona, the Argentinian Forward has 12 goals in 31 appearances for the Spanish club. However, four of them came today, and against the 2nd ranked, Real Madrid. Ever heard of them?

As an MLS supporter, you love to see it. To see a player who was dominant at the American level go and succeed over in Europe is excellent for the game, and great exposure of Major League Soccer. As a New York City fan, you're happy for Taty, but sad that he isn't part of the club right now.

Castellanos was sent out on loan last summer. From a fan perspective, it was shocking news, especially after the club won the cup and he performed at the highest level. But internally, that seemed to always be the plan. Obviously, a player at Castellanos caliber, is destined for greener pastures. The loan was a bet that his value would rise after a season in Europe. To back track a little bit, prior to the 2021 campaign, NYCFC was offered around $4 million from Brazil's Palmeiras, but they convinced Taty to stay. It paid off, because in that season, Castellanos scored 19 goals and won the MLS cup. It was supposed to help with his pay day, but offers never came. NYCFC felt that Castellanos could be worth over $15 million, but without receiving any offers in the ballpark, they club kept their word and moved Castellanos to Europe and to bet on his value raising, Castellanos is sent on loan to Girona.

It was a no brainer move for both clubs, because they operate under the City Football Group umbrella. The parent organization is best known for it's ties with Manchester City, but they have also taken ownership stake in 12 other clubs around the world. This was just the first step in his hopeful career trajectory.

After a game like today, hopefully for his sake, he get's an opportunity to rise the ranks in some high profile clubs. The loan is set to expire this summer, so who knows, maybe he returns for another run back in New York. But in my eyes, I believe that ship has sailed. If he is sold to another interested club this summer, NYCFC, and City Football Group, stand to make a healthy profit on what was an initial investment of less than €1 million. It's a win-win for both parties.

NYCFC still has some decent talent, especially in players like Talles Mango (3 goals), Thiago Martins (top five in passing), and Luis Barraza in net. They currently sit 4th in Eastern Conference table 15 points and four wins. It would have been nice to not be in a full rebuild, but you have to smile when one of your own is off doing big things.


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