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Official Announcement: House Enterprise Merch is here!

After over a year of developing the brand, establishing the different content entities, and figuring out a game plan; House Enterprise is happy to announce the official launch of our apparel and merchandise! We're teaming up with Squad Locker, a Rhode Island-based merchandising company, to help bring our designs to life. What's fun about Squad Locker is that we can add any type of clothing at any time, so if you think we're missing something, let us know and we can add it. Bias aside, the stuff we've come up with is pretty sleek and we hope you enjoy it!


I mean, how fire is this House Brewing Company line?

The HBC Designs are pretty cool if I don't say myself.

The House Enterprise golf q-zip is so clean.

My personal favorite? The BBB Podcast Ivy League Hoodie

The full store link can be found here, and explore the different brands and designs we currently have to offer on our website. Use code SIZZLE for 10% off (until 7/31)


House Enterprise "Merch Shop" is powered by SquadLocker. The RI-based company is home to some of the best customer service in the country, and they provide outstanding services for your apparel needs. Last year, SquadLocker closed a $20 million Series C round, one of the largest institutional funding rounds Rhode Island has seen in recent years.

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