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One hell of a season for the Bryant Bulldogs. An NCAA Tournament appearance and a historic season

As a Bryant alumni and fan, I am extremely proud of this team. It was a dream season, filled with lofty expectations, exciting thrillers, and just ultimate comradery.

This team had talent, heart, and swagger, and all eyes were on the Dawgs. National attention, Twitter commotion, everyone was watching.

In their first NCAA tournament appearance last night, Bryant sadly lost , 93-82 against a talented sharpshooting Wright State. This ended the best season the Bulldogs have had since becoming a Division I program, and ending their tournament run. However, this season was something to remember.

Jared Grasso - The Ultimate team Builder

When Jared Grasso came in 2018, he inherited a 3-28 program. Through recruiting and finding diamonds in the rough, he guided and led the Dawgs to their first eve regular-season championship and ultimately winning the NEC Championship at home. A 22-10 overall record and 16-2 in the NEC, the Dawgs were cooking and it was thanks to Grasso's guidance. He built a winning culture, a family environment, and brought notoriety to Bryant.

Peter Kiss - The Nation Leading Scorer

Having the NCAA's leading scorer hailing from Smithfield, Rhode Island is quite the story. Averaging over 25 points per game, Kiss

A sixth-year senior journeyman who is on his third school, he is a difference maker on both sides of the ball. He is a monster and energetic player on the court, and a kind and helpful man outside the game.

With his scoring, he was an integral part in bringing the Dawgs to the Dance.

A Cast of Ballers

All eyes were on Kiss, but the rest of the team was legit. Charles SourPatch Kid Pride, is an absolute gamer. He averaged 17.7 ppg with 8.6 rebounds a game on 45% shooting. The duo of Pride and Kiss were the highest scoring duo in the country, and he showed that he can be that dude

Hall Elisias, aka the Block Farther, held down the paint and was a dominant presence on both sides of the ball. The supporting cast outside the three-headed-monster included Tyler Bredsford, Adham Eleeda, Luis Hurtado, and Greg Calixte knew their roles and contributed greatly this season.

Even the Bench Mob was a special and important part of the team. They brought the hype and brought the energy.

What's Next?

A lot of questions loom. Does Jared Grasso return? I would hope so, but teams will be calling and pay checks will be dished. Does Peter Kiss return for his 7th season of eligibility? Well, that's what Jon Rothstein said, so who knows? He would be a hot commodity for some power-5 teams. Does Charles Pride take on the leader role or does he leave as well? All questions that need to be addressed. Either way, I am always proud to be a Bulldog and I can't wait until next season.

Congratulations Dawgs.


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